ridin’ in the drop top with the top down
saw you switchin’ lanes, girl
pull up to the red light, lookin’ right
come here, let me get your name, girl

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Anonymous says: Olivia and Jason had a dinner together at Fatty Crab last night. They posted a picture of the cute couple at their facebook and instagram page.

Yesssss and Olivia looks fucking stunning, too. LOOK AT HER FACE. Thanks anonymous, XO.


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Anonymous says: There are new pictures with Olivia and Jason (And Otis) in the Daily Mail. Olivia still not wearing her ring, but it seems everything is fine between her and Jason.

Thanks for letting me know, anonymous! I’d post them here, but I don’t want to post paparazzi shots of Otis. Olivia’s been without her ring and necklace a lot, but I’m sure she’s got her reasons and they look super happy together. Thanks for the information!

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Olivia loves flamenco music


Q: Are you a flamenco fan?

Olivia Wilde: I love flamenco music. I have two dogs one is called Lola in honor of Lola Flores and the other is called Paco in honor of Paco de Lucía.

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Olivia Wilde at the H&M store opening.

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Anonymous says: Don't worry. Olivia wore the J necklace in the same day. There are pictures in the Daily Mail as proof. No ring though. But she and Jason were on a Bruno Mars concert on Tuesday and later the two went to a karaoke bar (with a group), and yesterday I saw a few tweets that stated they spent together the evening as well.

Thanks for the information, anonymous! There’s been a trend of her not wearing her ring for days which is so bizarre considering I’ve never seen her without it, so maybe she’s getting it resized or maybe she just wants to stay with Jason and not get married anymore. I JUST HOPE SHE’S OKAY.

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She doesn’t look happy.

No engagement ring and now her J pendant isn’t on her necklace. Uh oh.

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One of my favorite photos.

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Anonymous says: another reason Olivia may not be wearing her ring is that she could have/be having it re-sized as I've noticed in interviews it spins around her finger a lot when she's moving about, or because it may not fit properly she takes it off in case she damages or looses it depending on what she's doing; just another idea why sometimes she's seen without it.

Another great point! Also, I don’t really know much about baby weight or how it works in context with Olivia considering she kept healthy throughout her pregnancy, but perhaps it’s possible she lost a small amount of weight and had to get it resized to accommodate that? I’m sure we’ll see her wearing it again in weeks to come. Thanks for your thoughts, anonymous!

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